Natural Gas Renewables Uranium

In our commitment to evolve into a sustainable energy world, we aim at

Creating cleaner future for everybody
Developing sustainable and reliable infrastructure
Decarbonizing and promoting green initiatives at a state level

Who we are and what makes us different

Green leadership

New technologies help us produce energy safely and more efficiently. We selectively focus on areas with the potential to add greater value to our business, now and in the future, including building lower carbon dioxide businesses.

Global energy trading

We combine expertise in physical supply and trading and advanced analytics to deliver long-term value, from field to end-customer.

Reduce, improve, create

Our framework helps focus on our green ambitions, encompassing activities to reduce emissions from our operations, improve products we offer, and create low or zero carbon dioxide businesses to deliver more energy with fewer emissions.

Distinctive customer offers

Our approach and strategic partnerships enable us to deliver our clients customized solutions tailored and adjusted to specific needs and requests.

Our business model

Partnerships and collaboration

We aim to build enduring relationships with our key stakeholders, and partner with others to find innovations that can improve efficiency and deliver low carbon dioxide solutions.

Governance and oversight

Our board has a diversity of knowledge, expertise, and ways of thinking that help us transition our business, manage risks and continue to deliver value over the long term.

Talented and devoted team

We work to attract, motivate and retain the best talents the industries offer and equip our people with the right skills for their success. Our performance and ability to thrive globally depend on it.

Trading and hedging

Finding and generating electricity

Finding additional resources and increasing our development options with new power generating capacities.

Generating renewable energy using renewables and hydrogen.

Delivering products and services

Providing clean power to industries and local electricity grids.

Generating environmentally friendly energy using natural gas, natural uranium, and renewables.

Marketing and development

Scaling up co-processing of lower carbon dioxide fuels.

Developing technologies to help advance the emission-free economy.

Our mission and values


Actively developing new business activities in the area of low-carbon energy and renewables.


As a socially responsible company, committing to the highest environmental standards, health and safety.


Aiming at early positions in low-carbon initiatives and helping accelerate the global revolution in mobility and energy carriers’ sales.

Tailored approach

Seeking and always finding the most effective solutions and most efficient ways of approaching everything we do.
We focus on products with the highest efficiency, the lowest environmental impact and perdurable future.

Natural gas and PFI

Trading for an efficient tomorrow

Our business model is built on connecting producers, suppliers and consumers to wholesale natural gas markets. Now, as green ambitions are on the rise, we use our extensive trading expertise and tailor-made services to help bring efficiency to the markets and turn these green ambitions into a financially viable future.

Moving energy across borders

We realize the full potential of natural gas resources by offering related services to customers and trading power and gas in global energy market, featuring especially strong presence in the Eastern-European energy markets.

Maximizing the value of sustainable energy

Over 2bn cubic meters of gas supplied

Our trading department is active in the natural gas wholesale market. We are also focusing on the physical supply sources and services to render the energy resource to our customers.

Long-term agreements with reliable producers

We spent years planning and developing our network of sustainable relations. We chose to build an efficient and highly reliable business relationship that ensures we can deliver consistent product flow every day, year-round.

Optimized portfolio with industry leading traders

Being an expert in short-term gas trading and in optimization of flows close to delivery, we move gas between hubs and across borders, bringing more competitive prices to the European gas markets.

Extensive gas storage contracts

To offset seasonal fluctuations in gas consumption, we use special gas storages for accumulating excess gas and storing it in order to reduce peak loads and ensure flexibility and reliability of gas supplies to our customers.

Natural uranium and PFI

Going global

Expansion into uranium markets and increasing market share remains our top priority along with clean energy ambitions. Our partnerships, as well as our reputation as a young and prominent market player will enable us to grow our global footprint in the nearest future.

Energy is our business, people are our energy

Energy trading moves at the speed of light, and the world economy is getting nowhere close to being predictable. One thing has remained constant through all the years of all the rapid market changes, and this is the people behind our business, who always drive it forward, working tirelessly toward our common success.

Sustainability, diversity and hedging

Uranium trading with perspective

We buy and sell uranium to ultimately serve nuclear power utilities with long-term supply commitments to ensure continuous and reliable product flow day-by-day.

Long-term agreements with reliable producers

We spent years planning and developing our business models and network. We chose to build efficient and highly reliable business relationship that ensures both quality and attractive delivery terms.

Optimized portfolio with industry leading traders and brokers

We aim at securing stable and sustainable product flow hedged against potential supply disruptions, market shifts and uncertainties in order to provide customers with stability and security of supply.

Close relationship with industry key participants

Our focus is on cost-competitiveness and operational efficiency. We offer stable and reliable off-take and supply to our partners on favorable conditions that help us broaden our business relationships and expand our market share.

Renewable energy sources and PFI

Vital Role –
Huge Growth

Renewable energy plays a vital role in the change towards a cleaner world, and solar and wind in particular offer huge opportunities for growth. Our wind and solar power projects are helping to reshape the South Europe’s energy system

Unlimited and
Carbon Free

Wind and sun main advantages – unlimited, free, renewable resources, economic value, maintenance cost, and placement of harvesting facilities. Wind and solar power is a clean, non-polluting way to generate electricity. Unlike other types of power plants, it emits no air pollutants or greenhouse gases.


Direct arrangement between an organization and local utility. A new option for larger electricity customers in regulated markets to help meet their sustainability and renewable energy goals. Price predictability and potential cost savings

Reduced primary energy factor and higher energy efficiency

Steady product supply

We have carefully selected our suppliers for their clean, sustainably sourced product. We are part of the circular economy adding value to byproducts, such as biomass fuels, and improving efficiency and viability of production processes.

Conversion of coal-fired power plants

In collaboration with Tractebel Engineering SA (Engie Group) and our network of suppliers we convert TPP generating capacities from coal to renewables, reducing costs, improving reliability and leading to cleaner energy economy and life.

Technical feasibility and routing studies

Our dedicated assessment team uses the latest technology to provide a detailed, customized report identifying all available options for introduction of RES solutions, associated risks and requirements prior to any action

Project structuring and management

We structure RES and conversion projects from A to Z and manage its implementation balancing interests of operators, suppliers, and EPC contractors.

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